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The DWM and BWMS Partnership

On the latest news on the waste management field, the Dormant Waste Management or the DWM has established partnership with the Brisbane Waste Management Solutions or the BWMS. With these two forming a team, much is expected in the future in supplying numerous solutions when it comes to waste management and proper segregation of garbage in Brisbane, QLD and the entire region of Australia.

The Brisbane Waste Management Services (BWMS)

Waste product is returned to its original state in the environment by various chemical processes, bacterial activity and the contributory factors of the weather. While many waste products made by humans are now easily processed or degraded in these natural environmental and chemical reactions, there are still a lot of waste products that are unable to be naturally degraded. These are usually the products of industrial companies wherein the waste that they produce prove to be resilient against decomposing bacteria and weathering. Furthermore, these wastes are often found to be harmful to the environment once absorbed after many years. For these waste materials to be degraded, they must be first treated with a special process so that the environment can naturally decompose them.


For many years, humans have produced a great amount of waste products that are often left as is and not segregated properly. Once they have been collected, they are hauled, mixing the biodegradable waste products with the non-biodegradable waste products which would later be thrown in pits or landfills where they’re just left or sorted out.


What happens with this type of garbage disposal is the environment gets severely damaged, especially the soil. The environment around the dumping sites suffer a great deal of punishment with the odour of the garbage, as well as the chemical content in some waste products that seep into the soil and may even reach some water sources. All of these damage the environment, attract the attention of all the insects like flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches and rodents like rats, give off unpleasant aromas that can spread around a wide area and can even be the cause of fires. Furthermore, they destroy the natural elegance and beauty of the location.


It’s is a given that almost all materials used by people ends up being waste one way or another after a few months or years. It may surprise you but even pieces of gold or silver jewellery can be found in dump sites or refuse. There are also large amount of wastes that come from communities that are then separated properly. Some of these waste products include parts of auto mobiles, furniture, metal scraps, manure, broken gadgets, appliances, chemical wastes and more.


If proper waste disposal, segregation and recycling are not observed by communities, it can impact the health of the people in the locality. Health hazards like the development of infections, respiratory conditions, cardiovascular diseases and more can become rampant if left unresolved. Reducing waste products and reusing what we can is important and with the partnership of the DWM and the BWMS, opportunities and solutions can be effectively be formulated for the future.

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