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The Integration of DWM and BWMS

Waste Management

A groundbreaking milestone has been reached as the Brisbane Waste Management Solutions (BWMS) has now been included in the team of the Dormant Waste Management (DWM).

This incredible partnership is highly regarded as the future looks brighter when it comes to offering the solutions in waste management, segregation and disposal for Brisbane, QLD and Australia as a whole.

Brisbane Waste Management Services

Waste is a natural end product of every process. For the most part, it is returned to the environment through a combination of ways. These include chemical processing, the action of bacteria in the decomposition and the effects of the weather. While some wastes made by humans can be degraded into the environment through natural means, there is some that are resistant to degradation or decomposition. To degrade them into the environment, they must first undergo chemical changes. At times, disposing them haphazardly can lead to harmful effects to the environment and our health.


Many years have passed since the practice of disposing waste materials into pits or gullies has been utilized. No segregation between biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes is done which results in the non-biodegradable waste to stay in the environment and later cause crowding of waste. This leads to the worsening of the environment’s condition and can even become the home for insects, rodents and can be a source of danger as many of these materials are flammable. The natural beauty of the environment suffers because of all the garbage.


However, there is still something that we can do about this and that is through recycling. Treasure can still be found in the piles of trash. With proper recycling, recyclable wastes like paper, glass, metal and other types of materials can still be salvaged and reused. At times, we can even be rewarded by cash.


Trash in excess amounts entails serious health problems for everyone. They present health hazards like respiratory problems, infections and more. In that sense, proper steps should be taken to manage these waste products properly to reduce the risks in our health. Being friendly to the environment brings about a number of benefits to ourselves and that includes the preservation of our own health as well. We should plan on how we can help in reducing wastes such as considering the wastes products that we dispose of that are carcinogenic in nature. Starting at home is a good way to begin and it will just grow bigger and better along the way.

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